Hi, CLAS3026 students! I thought I’d help get us started by giving you a few more ideas for posts. You could answer one (or more) of these questions about the chapter you’ve just read, or about an in-class discussion:

“Identify one important concept, research finding, theory, or idea … that you learned while reading this chapter.”
“Why do you believe that this concept, research finding, theory, or idea … is important?”
“Apply what you have learned from this reading or discussion to some aspect of your life.”
“What question(s) has the reading or discussion raised for you? What are you still wondering about?”

These questions are designed to start you analyzing the material you’re encountering, and reflecting on your own learning process. In addition to the general benefits of these activities, there is also research to show that students who are asked to consciously reflect on their own learning process actually learn concepts and facts better, and do better on tests (cf. this article). So there’s some incentive for you!


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