For a lighter tone in a ‘POST’, an odd thought occurred to me in class today about cows. For some reason it struck me as funny that for the third myth in a row I read or heard about, and the first animal disccused was a cow. It brought back to me a memory of traveling with my then 3 year old half way across the world, driving down the road and she got all excited about seeing cows there. As if that was the highlight of our trip.

Anyway, a cow was vital to Kunti at the begining of time and is still sacred today to East Indians. They are important in so many creation myths I wonder if there is more to it than just animals common amognst early tribes.


3 thoughts on “COWS!!

  1. I feel that cows are often found in myth because they were so central to the daily lives and people of the time. Cows would have been a primary food source in agricultural societies, and were therefore very important in survival. I think that it is natural then that they should come up in creation myths.

  2. I agree with hermione25; in that cows were (and still are) a primary food source for many cultures around the world. Not only are they raised to produce beef and milk, but they are also very efficient in eating large amounts of vegetable and/or organic waste to produce rich manure and/or fertilizer; which was (and still is) very helpful to farmers.

    I also recently spoke to someone who went to India, and he said that he encountered many traffic incidences where cows had strayed onto to the road! Many of the locals do not believe in rushing cows, so the traffic piled-up pretty quickly in those instances. It is nice to know that cows are so well respected in India! 🙂

    – A.P

  3. I also think that the cow shows up so often because of its importance to the society. In many myths cultural aspects of the society are represented, for examples, playing ball in the Popol Vuh. I think this is part of the fun of analyzing myths, trying to pick out what is important to the society. Many of the myths we read have similarities, but each is unique. I almost wonder if we had read every myth without knowing where they came from, if we would be able to guess based on our knowledge of the culture?

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