When reading the North American creation myths and the Mesoamerian creation myths, I found it interesting how they make a specific mention of different tribes of people living in different areas of the world. We can see this in the Zuni myth where people divide as they recognize the Earth’s ability to support only a limited number of people in one area. The Navajo myth has various worlds (the air-spirit or grasshopper people for example) representing different cultures coexisting. In the Mesoamerican myths, tribes of people gradually separate and learn different languages and it states that there were “people of many faces”.

In the Roman, Greek or Genesis myths, they seem to make no mention of different cultures or people existing together. Sure there are the Ages of Man, but the entire race dies before another comes. They never coexist. These myths give the impression that Greek or the Roman people are the only culture that exists.

I like how this seems to represents the cultural views of the Greeks and Romans vs. The Mesoamericans or North Americans. The Greeks were huge believers in panhellenism (“All Greek”). Greece was what mattered and the same goes for the Romans. If you wanted to be accepted you had to be Roman. North America and Mesoamerica supports dozens of cultures and creation stores ( As we saw the Zuni, Hopi, or Navajo cultures were only the tip of the iceberg) and all seem to acknowledge that there are others existing.