In chapter 10, one of the things that first popped up at me was the fact the Nü Kwa was the main god/goddess mentioned. In fact, throughout the chapter, only two male figures were mentioned, and neither were named as gods. Nü Kwa was the creator and saviour of mankind. She created the humans out of yellow earth. All other mention of those who can’t die were female. I find this very interesting because many of the other creation myth we have seen to date are all male oriented, and in those myths, females goddesses or humans alike have small roles, (mothers), are being overthrown (Tiamat), or are there as a punishment to mankind (Pandora, Eve). 

In the Chinese creation myth, two males are mention, we have Nü Kwa’s husband, who doesn’t play a big role. Then we have P’an Ku, who was one of the earth’s creation stories. When P’an Ku had lived out his life, he died and was transformed, his body forming the world as we know it. 

We see often in this chapter, the mention of balance, yin and yang. The Chinese seem to put a high emphasis on equality, however when you look at Chinese culture, especially in the past, girls were treated horribly, and often killed because families wished for sons. Also because China is overpopulated and females tend to be the ones who reproduce. 

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