In Chapter 3, Hesiod’s Works and Days  tells the story of when the gods desired to keep the stuff of life hidden from humans. Zeus, being angry at Prometheus decided to hide fire, but the clever Prometheus tricked and stole it away from the almighty Zeus. Zeus, upon learning of this, plagues mankind with an evil thing they can’t help but loving. Pandora, a girl created by the gods to bring the ruin of mankind. She opened up the cask and scattered all the pains and evils among men, leaving hope inside. 

Why would he torture mankind with pain and evils when it wasn’t their doing whatsoever? 

Was Zeus afraid of humans? Is this the reason why he withheld things from them? 

Did he in someway want or need a reason to make the humans weaker so that they wouldn’t overthrow him like he did his father. So that he could remain the almighty with no fear of mankind? 


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  1. I like that you bring this up because this raises a similar point to one of the other blogs. I think Zeus wants to prevent man from getting fire because it will bring them to a more impious state. The humans already have superiority over animals, with the knowledge of fire, their self confidence will only grow. If the humans gain too much intelligence, they may think themselves equal to the gods and therefore no longer worship them or give sacrifice.

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