In the various myth we have observed, coming from multiple continents, we notice one things in common on quite a few of the myths. Mankind was created by the Gods. 

– In Norse, Bor’s sons create men and women from trees. Each son contributes some sort of human qualities to each human, either a spirit, form, sight, etc… 

– Hesiod explains how Pandora was created by the gods, how Hephaistos mixed earth and water and put in a voice and the power to move. He fashioned a face like a goddess and gave the shape of a lovely virgin girl. Many other gods and goddesses contributed or taught Pandora important qualities to be the ruin of mankind. 

– In the chinese myth’s, mankind is created by Nü Kwa. 

So in many of the myth’s, one can always find the similarity that is the creation of mankind. In some way or another, they were all created by gods and goddesses and on multiple occasions, humans were fashioned out of some aspect of the earth. 


One thought on “The Creation of man

  1. It is interesting that there is a common ground between all of these myths. As in Genesis we were created in the image of God so maybe in these other myths they have the same idea. We can be a duplication of a physical aspect of these gods and goddesses.

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