I would like to point out a minor comparison to the chinese mythological character Ch’ang-o (goddess of the moon) to Eve in the Bible’s Genesis. The marginal notes on the side of page 124 explains Ch’ang-o, a woman who stole the elixir of immortality (a magical potion). Unfortunately for her, she did not drink enough of the potion to reach heaven and as a result only reaches the moon. This immediately brings me to the idea of Eve and her curiosity towards the tree of knowledge. Both women demonstrate a desire for power whether it is immortality or knowledge. Also, both women fail in some way: Ch’ang-o does not drink enough, Eve is punished for eternity. 


2 thoughts on “Chinese myth and the Genesis

  1. I like the comparison that you make as it is a classic moral in many myths. It represents the idea of impiety. These women sought a divine object that was not meant for human consumption and therefore faced the consequences. Humans in these myths have become so overwrought with their given knowledge and superiority over other creatures of the Earth, they sometime forget that they do not belong in the divine realm.

  2. I also like the comparison and the thought that the desire for women to obtain power is so high and can lead to their downfall. I find throughout time women have always desired a certain type of power and in some way can lose it, and this idea can be seen in many other myths.

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