I noticed a few concepts within Chinese myth to differ greatly from other myths.  One of the most important differences to me is the power shift from males to females.  Female goddesses tend to play a bigger role in Chinese mythology than their male counterparts.  This seems to be very uncommon within Ancient Europe as most myths relied on male dominance and the control of power.  This change in the myths occurred when more political forces started to assert themselves within China. These changes include; the shift of the female role to more males dominant characters, as well as the creation and introduction of male heroes into Chinese mythology.     


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  1. It’s an interesting line of thought: what if God was a woman? It actually can be justified, given that the god of a mythology typically functions as the creator. Women are the providers of creation (giving birth) at a literal level, so it’s natural that it may be juxtaposed to the level of myth.

  2. It’s also very interesting that it was The Chinese myth that had a female goddess be a dominant character, considering that modern day China women are treated so poorly.

  3. I think this power shift is so interesting, not seeing women have any power in myths and finally gaining some is refreshing. The idea that God could be a woman may not sit well with christian creationists, but it is a very interesting point that should be further explored.

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