The stories of each culture are representative of the values of that culture: what they saw, how they understood it, and the following explanation. It is how the people came to terms with their lives via narrative. It is the establishing of their telos; their purpose. What is North America’s current mythology, right here and now? And how has this mythos defined us, as a generation? Christianity, as the predominant religion, is declining. This is speculative of course, but for the sake of blogging I would like to wager that economics is the new mythos. The shopping mall is the modern church, business our angels, sent to save us from ourselves into a state of constant consumption. I didn’t know I was unhappy with myself, my appearance, my car, my shoes, etc.

Really though, I think it’s an interesting line of thought. Human beings have been predisposed to some sort of religious or cultural doctrine since forever. It’s part of being a social being. With the degradation of traditional forms of myth, what new form has mythology taken? Profits and economic utility? Media and entertainment? Atheism and nihilism?


2 thoughts on “Modern Mythology

  1. These are interesting thoughts and I do think that a huge part of modern mythology is transmitted through social media and the internet. Facebook and Twitter are full of gossip and rumours, some of which we take for the truth. This is oral in a way and although gossip and rumours aren’t myths yet, they can certainly be on their way to becoming myths. In our day and age, stories get blown up pretty quickly.

  2. You make a very interesting point, as does jx7r. I agree that social media seems to be the source of modern mythology and the main topic often seems to be media and entertainment with celebrities playing the roles of the heroes and the general public following their rise to fame and struggles and challenges.

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