I found it interesting how much of a role the snake had in the out come of Genesis. What do you think the snake represents? In my opinion it is sin and could maybe the first glimpse of the devil we see in the bible. Without the snake tempting Eve into eating the apple they would of stayed in the Garden of Eden. The snake can be seen as representing evil and how easily it can be to be over come by sin. So did God create evil or was evil already present in the world? If God is the creator of everything then he is the one responsible for the snake that tempted Eve and Adam into eating the forbidden fruit, so all along God knew that this would happen and they would be sent out of the Garden of Eden. God is responsible for the outcome of our sin.


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  1. Interesting point you bring up, like you said if God is responsible for creating the snake and “everything” else then it would stand to reason he wanted them kicked out. Although in earlier Pagan belief systems the snake represented fertility, just as in today’s society it is used to represent healing. The changing of its meaning could be seen as a way for the Christian belief system to subjugate earlier beliefs by showing that their worship of a snake as beneficial was wrong and promoted sin.

  2. I do agree that the snake in this story represents evil and sin in many ways, but I also view it as a way to address the fact that humans are the lesser beings in the world. What I mean by this is that the snake shows how easily a human can sin and that unlike the gods humans make many mistakes. This snake to me represents the belief that humans will never be as good or intelligent as the gods and that evil is brought upon them by their own doing. It is the humans mistakes that unleashes this evil on the world, as they make mistakes whereas the gods do not.

  3. I have never thought of the snake this way but it definitely gives you a lot to think about. Basically God has set them up for failure right from the beginning, never really giving them half a chance to stay in Eden even though it was supposed to be their home. “God is responsible for the outcome of our sin” really packs a punch because in one way yes, he supposedly threw them out of Eden for Eve’s sin but he also created the sin and the temptation as well as the animal that would be their demise.

  4. I understand your argument, however somewhat disagree. Although God did create all these elements, he also created Adam and Eve to contain their own free will. Thus, although Eve was influenced by the snake and the following elements, she could have stayed obedient to God. It’s not like she didn’t have a choice.

    Despite this, perhaps it is true that god was aware that they would fail, as he did create humans with imperfections.

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