I find it interesting how much we take from myth and use on an entertainment level. like Tiamat who was not a dragon but the goddess who gives birth to dragons during her battle with Murduk. It is interesting how she is viewed in the modern game dungeons and dragons as the queen of evil dragons. Also the new show Game of Thrones has a character that embodies this image she is daenerys targaryen and in the show she is known as the mother of dragons. Societies get most of their entertainment ideas from myths and we can see this in television shows, movies, and books.


3 thoughts on “Tiamat

  1. I believe Tiamat seems to be prominent in fictional medieval fantasies. This is interesting because the religion she comes from isn’t necessarily a place one would associate medieval connotations to.
    She also appears in dragon form (one body, and multiple dragon heads) within the final fantasy series.

  2. I believe that in many ways myth could have been created for entertainment purposes. The textbook mentions many times how myth was presented orally at ceremonies and rituals, and even though these may of been religious I believe that they required entertainment. The stories being presented would have the goal of catching the attention of their audience and having a culture read their cultures creation myth and be proud that it is so interesting and unique. Entertainment is an important quality of myth because i believe that it can explain why so many myths are blown out of proportion. Myths would be created to be “out of this world” to make their culture seem more important and create for more unique reasons than other cultures.

  3. I also find it very interesting how for so long, myths have provided people with a source of entertainment. while their original purpose would have been to explain different things, their stories have been incorporated into several areas of popular culture. I find it really interesting how movies like Percy Jackson directly include a variation of these original myths and how other movies like the Hobit can be examined in the same way as hero myths.

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