I think it’s interesting to see the generation gap between the gods and its conflicts throughout many myths we have covered. It is first seen with Hesiod and Ovid, where the first generation gods are replaced by Cronus and then replaced by Zeus himself. Each time the generation of gods gets wiser, and more developed.

The generation gap is also seen in the Mesopotamian myth Enuma Elish, where conflict between the generations is caused by noise. Marduks generation fully takes over when Tiamats body becomes the earth just like Gaia and Yimir, as well as Pan Ku.

Another example is in the Mesoamerica myth, where the Gods here the ball players noise and invite them to play against the older gods, this eventually lead to their deaths, but when the hero twins heard from the rat that they were the sons of a ball player, they did the same challenge but were wiser and able to trick the gods.


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