To me, the Ugandan Creation myth seemed out of place when compared to most of the other creation myths. In Creations such as in Genesis, Popol Vuh and Enuma Elish, among others, the Gods or gods create humans, in most cases to worship the gods. But in the Ugandan “The Creation”, Kintue, wandered to Uganda from the North and has to prove to the God Mugulu that he is, in fact a human. This shows that these gods probably didn’t create him, for surely they would recognize their own creation. But the myth never does explain where Kintu came from or who created him. This myth explains the Creation of Uganda and the ancestors of the people, but not the creation of humans themselves.



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  1. You have raised a very interesting point! 🙂

    Perhaps the purpose of the Uganda creation myth was to describe the skills and/or competencies of human-beings (i.e. Kintu succeeded each of the tasks that were given to him by Mugulu; showing that human-beings are capable of out-smarting gods), instead of explaining the where, why, and how of human creation.

    I also noticed that this particular myth focused on the presence of death, rather than life. In other words, it concentrated more on how human-beings die, rather than how they were created.

    – A.P

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