When comparing different myths from different regions of the world, it is interesting to look at how the actual telling of myth can affect the story itself. Having been written down in an all-encompassing version, both the book of genesis and the myths of ancient Greece seem to present us with a fairly coherent tale. While there are still some contradictions present, there is one generally accepted version of the myth. By having an all-encompassing version, I find it easier to remember the myth.

In comparison, the myths of areas like China present a much more complicated set of myths as they do not all follow the same general ideals. This makes me wonder if having an all-encompassing myth that was written down would have helped to establish a more refined, cohesive story. However, as a myth is retold orally generation after generation, it is bound to change. This makes it difficult for one version to be established. When looking at the Chinese versions, it becomes even more difficult to remember the myths as there are multiple sets of religious believes trying to be incorporated, further adding to the contradictions we find present within myths.