After reading about the heroic pattern I was watching the science fiction show Doctor Who while watching it I compared the Doctor to the heroes in the myths. The Doctor was a young adventurous Time Lord and stole a tardis that he later claimed for himself. He has the help of various humans and other life forms helping him with the various disasters that they find themselves in. There are temptations presented to The Doctor especially when he is in a disaster that has already happened and he wants to help people who have died in that event. He is unable to because it would affect the future, like what happened in the first series of the new series when Rose saves her dad creating a paradox. He is forced the action in relation to the laws of time and the universe as well as the rules created by The Time Lords. The Doctor has the ability to regenerate his body to prevent death in some cases which is somewhat like a katabasis.


2 thoughts on “A modern hero.

  1. Great comparison! It seems clear that Campbell’s theory is prevalent throughout many modern day adventure shows, etc. In this instance particularly, the narrative structure is almost precise. I think this theory has surely become an outline over the years. When these fictional worlds are presented with societal flaws and needs saving, we have a learned to expect that one great individual will step up. Much like the heroes in myth, they follow a path of discovery and growth that is admirable to others.

  2. I agree with this comparison! I find in interesting that some elements of good narratives can be so enduring and unchanging over so many years. It seems that our society feels a lack of great heroes in real life, and so they are created as fictional characters instead and become symbols to look up too.

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