When looking at all of the different myths each area of the world had, I found the North American myths to be particularly interesting. While most of the other myths involved a god or gods who were noticeably better than humans for the most part, this myth was more about how the people of the North American myths helped themselves. While they did have some external help, the myth was more about how they worked for a higher, better for them, place in the world. It shows how they evolved morally and physically.

I found this of particular interest as I think it may be reflective of a characteristic that the North American people value in themselves, the idea that you can better yourself and evolve to being in a better place. When comparing it to the myths of other cultures, it causes me to wonder what characteristics the other myths are trying to portray. A lot of the other myths are much more about the gods and not so much about the people as they are often created just by chance or for convenience. It makes me wonder what these other areas would have valued about themselves. 

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