The Amazons are a mythical race supposedly found in the region of the black sea, created by the Greeks as the example of what a race lead by a woman of only women would look like. These women were barbaric, beastial, and masciline the opposite of what a proper Greek woman should be. They were said to have cut off their left breast to allow better aim when using a bow and arrow, to have used men for the purpose of breeding only and killed them after the deed was done. 

Almost every Greek Hero fought and destroyed an Amazon at one point or another representing the Greek fight and domination over the feminine, and those who are non-Greek. The Amazons were still desired as they were women, but these heroes Herakles fell in love with the Queen as he killed her, and many of the other Greek heroes that have fought an Amazon had also slept with one. 


2 thoughts on “The Amazons

  1. The Amazons were a fascinating tribe in contrast to ancient Greek societies, i.e. they lived independently from men and often rebelled against them. Some people have even compared them to the radical feminists in today’s society.
    Interestingly, the word ‘Amazon’ is derived from the Greek term ‘Amazos’ (meaning breast-less); for the reason you referred to in your post. The Amazons were also very captivated by the moon and often worshipped it; since it symbolized beauty and femininity.

    Moreover, I wonder if the Amazonian tribe had any significance on the naming of the Amazon river in Peru?

    – A.P

  2. The Amazons also make an appearance in the history of Alexander the Great. The Queen of the time comes and seeks Alexander out for the sole purpose of having a female heir. During this time it is also revealed that they want sex more than men, like you said being the opposite of what Greek woman should be.

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