Compared to the other myths that we have recently been reading the Native American myths differ because of many aspects.  For example, the Native American myths are collected orally and transmitted into written form unlike myths from ancient times where they were transmitted through literary texts.  Gods in these myths also tend to create a universe to give humans a place in the world and within the domain of nature.  Within the Native American myths instead of the humans being reborn, the creatures evolve into a more human form.  Along with this the creatures travel between worlds.  The gods within the myths also tend to not despise humans the way that they do in Greek myths especially.  I have also found there to be less of a gender-bias; women to share more of the roles and responsibilities in society.  Overall, I found this to be a good read and very interesting because of the fact that they didn’t try to overly exaggerate or shield the truth within the myth.

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