Looking at the Mayan myths it is easy to see some similarities to the Native American myths.  This includes the creation of human beings through the process of trial and error.  It shows that the “less successful” humans are replaced by more able figures.  Going from this, the Mayan myths seem to differ from a lot of the “typical” myths.  For example, within the Roman or Greek myths humans are seen to have regressed from a supreme being (the perfect human) whereas within the Mayan myths we see humans slowly progressing into the form that we are today.

I find this to be a very interesting read as it reminds me of when I was younger; my family and I went to Mexico and saw many of the Mayan architectures, including the Mayan pyramids.


One thought on “The Mayans

  1. I agree that the difference in progression was definitely a prominent difference between these two myths. It is interesting to note that the Mayan gods were the cause of their humans imperfections. As was said in the myth, they did not like how human knowledge mirrored that of the gods. They therefore cause the humans to procreate and proliferate as this would end their progression.

    In the Greek myth, it was the humans themselves that brought their undoing. The gods may have destroyed a race that they found impious, but they did not cause the regression of the humans.

    The Greeks (Hesiod in particular) seemed to have little faith in where his Greek society was headed as he saw humans as an end to themselves. The Mayans however see all their imperfections as the will of the gods–not there own mistakes.

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