There is no doubt that the various approaches to the study of myths have in many ways enriched our understanding of  the societies that have created these myths as well as allowing us to see the common elements that are shared throughout humanity.  No matter the scientific advances, our interests, concerns and fears relating to the basic, general human condition (life, death, etc.) will always remain.

On a personal level, the theories that we have covered thus far (Campbell & Lévi-Strauss) have certainly expanded my appreciation of myths and how so many modern stories are based on ancient myths.  I won’t be able to watch another sci-fi show again without analysing it to bits! ; )  I’m finally getting around to watching Battlestar Galactica (the more recent version–I saw the original series as a kid), and the references to Mormon mythology (as well as other myths) are quite interesting.

That being said, there’s a certain “innocence” that’s been lost, since I can no longer just watch these programs for the pure entertainment value.  Something lost, something gained, I guess!!



One thought on “Study of Myths

  1. I also agree with this i think whenever i will watch a movie i will be analyzing it as well. It is a good thing i will actually be using something I’ve learned in class in the real world. I found the myths we have discussed to be very interesting and i am able to relate them to my childhood, with the stories i was told during that time.

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