In the Chapter Mesopotamia: The Epic of Gilgamesh I found it interesting how Enkidu by having sex with the women sent by Gilgamesh, the animals do see him in the same way. By having relations with this woman his innocence is taken away and the animals realize he is no longer pure. It is interesting by gaining knowledge is a downfall for most characters in myth, Enkidu gains knowledge of sex. With this he now has this drive to defeat Gilgamesh and prove he is the strongest, when the opportunity comes to do so they become friends, and go on adventures together. This part just reminds me of a Disney movie, you just need a voice in the background saying “and then they lived happily ever after.”


2 thoughts on “Chapter 16

  1. I have a few questions remarking this chapter, and the post above.
    1) How to the animals realize he is no longer pure.
    2) How does gaining sexual knowledge give Enkidu the drive to defeat Gilgamesh.
    3) Why after realizing that he could potentially deafeat Gilgamesh, does he instead befriend him?

    I personally believe that this story contains some gaps and flaws, that have thus far, not added up to me.

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