In the chapter Germany: Grimms’ Household Tales what I found interesting was the Story “The Raven and how the story tells of three robbers that are fighting and the main character goes to them and asks why are they fighting. They show him what they all have one a stick that could open any door, one had a cloak that when put on makes him invisible, and the third had a horse that could ride over anything. They were fighting because they did not know whether they should enjoy them together or separately. So the man makes a deal to try them out together to test it for the three men. In the end he tricks them put on the cloak making him invisible and beats them up. He takes the horse and rides up the glass mountain and uses the stick to open the door. He finds the princess and lives happily ever after. It is an interesting story yet all I could think of is the clock of invincibility in harry potter while reading this. Popular culture is so influential these days we can find similarities in any pieces of work that can relate to out popular culture today.