All three of these awesome series written by Kelly Armstrong are about characters who would not normally be considered heros as heros as in the vampire books that were presented in class today. Armstrong takes it a step further she takes almost every race in the supernatural world or in the case of the Nadia Stafford series an assassin and makes them likeable unless you are like Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother who just likes any villain as a hero. 

All of Armstrongs characters could be viewed as villains if they were not introduced the way they were in the series as normal people who have weaknesses, are scared, and make mistakes that they learn from. 

In contrast I enjoyed these series over the Twilight and Vampire Academy series because I found that I could relate to the characters more especially in the Darkest powers series which is about teens coming into their powers some not knowing what they are or that there was even a supernatural world.

In the Darkest Powers series Chloe Sanders lives with her father as her mother died with Chloe was young. He father is always busy with work so she is raised by her nanny/housekeeper. Chloe’s friends who are also prominent in the series all have experienced poor mothering as well She finds her powers and is told she needs to go into a group home for troubled teens. Chloe has no choice in her becoming supernatural because she is born with it but she can not turn to other supernaturals because she and her friends were genetically modified. Chloe is very quiet and reserved not really the character that takes on that bad ass sexual role that Rose, Anita and Bella take on but she does need to learn how to control her powers. She and her friends take on more of the normal hero role except for the fact that they are supernatural beings. They take on a hero role because they are trying to save themselves as well as several other supernatural teens who suffered the same way that Chloe and her friends had.



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  1. I agree, it is one of the reasons I enjoy reading Kelly Armstrong’s books so much. Especially like you said, in the Darkest Powers series, all of her characters are very relatable, and despite the fact that they tend to be supernatural, they are very down to earth characters. Just like Vampires as the Hero, many of the characters possess powers or are creatures that have not always been considered ‘good’ or a part of a hero; such being witches, werewolves and necromancers.

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