I wanted to use a brief version the Proppian theory to identify a historical figure. I was trying to decide what figure who is normally considered an anti-hero, my boyfriend has a slight obsession with Vlad Dracula or Vlad the Impaler of Wallachia or Transylvania  which is why I chose him.

A and B: Vlad was sent as a hostage to the Ottoman empire in Istanbul to ensure the cooperation of his father the King of Wallachia and belonged to the council of the Dragon. Vlad is tortured and mistreated while in possession of the Ottomans.  

C: Vlad becomes hardened knowing that he has the blood of the Dragon in his blood (Dracula means Dragon in his language) and learns from the torture that was inflicted upon him.

↑: Vlad is released from captivity because of the death of his father, and sent to rule in his place. The Ottomans thought he would be a puppet ruler controlled by them.

D: The Ottoman Empire gives him the throne because they thought they could control him. 

E: Vlad asserts his power making new rules and rebelling against the Ottomans. 

F: He receives the courage to act in such a way from his father and the thinking that they were of a bloodline of the Dragon.

H and K: The Ottomans get upset that Vlad is not listening to what they want so they attack his kingdom. Vlad fights them and uses tactics to make them afraid of him (capturing and impaling thousands of their men along the road to get to his kingdom) which lead to them fleeing his kingdom for a bit.

This information came from the books The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova and Vlad: the last confession by C. C. Humphreys. 

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