When I saw that the bible was going to be considered a creation story and myth right along side Norse mythology and Native American stories, I had to say I thought that there would have been some very outraged Christians. When we talked about this particular creation myth in class however, I was happily surprised that everyone discussed it as what it was; a myth. I believe that everyone has their own right to their own beliefs but to have a discussion that was intellectual as this one was was extremely satisfying.  It was nice to talk about christian creation stories without the fear of upsetting someone by discussing their religion in a way that could be offensive to some.

I believe that if we were raised thinking that the Norse creation stories were how the world came to be or even the Greek ones, we would be believe that was the right belief as many people currently firmly believe in the stories of Genesis. It is all a matter of perspective and to put your own personal beliefs above those of others seems ignorant after learning how similar Genesis is to other creation stories around the world.


2 thoughts on “The Bible as a Myth and Creation Story

  1. I believe that religion has a very important part with how we believe the world started. Being a Christian myself I thought that the creation story was true when i was younger, yet as a grew older and began to learn more i would consider it to be a myth. Yet it depends on your faith and what you believe in.

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