After reading the chapter about The Wizard of Oz and don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch the movie again without thinking about the issues that were brought up in our book. I haven’t watch the movie since I was a little kid (we had the movie in VHS, so you can image how long it’s been since I watched it), but back then I thought it was just movie about a girl who gets transported to this magical land and follows the yellow brick road to seek the help of the great and wonderful Oz. But know I Know that there is more to the story and how the story can be enjoyed by many different people. One example from the book was how the story would be liked by the homosexual because than can relate Dorothy and her three male companions with a group of gay men with a strong female figure. Also, another interesting thing that was brought up is that Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion were in the hope of finding help for something they already possessed. Sometimes you just have to have faith in yourself.


2 thoughts on “Wizard of Oz

  1. I agree with this statement. It is intriguing to know that the movies we grew up on have more messages in them then were are able to recognize. It makes you wonder if they are put in there for a purposeful meaning or if it just coincides with a social norm. I like the second assumption of it’s true story best where the four characters were out to seek something they already had possession of. Sort of a realization without physical proof it seemed.

  2. Your post is very interesting, it reminds me of things my teachers in high school used to say. One media studies teacher used to warn that if you took her class you’d never be able to watch T.V. the same way again and my literature used to warn the same thing about reading. However I’ve never found that studying a narrative keeps me from enjoying as I did before I studied it…maybe that’s a bad thing 😛 but I always find I can switch off any analyzing and simply enjoy the story. However I sometimes wonder how important these messages are to a story. It seems to me that when a story is popular people tend to deeply analyze it’s meanings to find out why it’s popular. While that analysis is very interesting I don’t know if it explains why a narrative is popular if many people can’t seem to find these deep meanings in it while they’re enjoying it.

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