Dreams are extensions of language (i.e. ideas, narratives, images, etc.) that are fixated on or connected to one’s unconscious. They are considered to have the ability to predict and/or solve challenges in people’s lives. If an individual is experiencing problems in his/her life, than certain figures (i.e. ‘archetypes’) will appear in their dreams to help them determine what is wrong (or provide possible solutions).

A book that comes to mind is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens; where four ghosts visit Ebenezer Scrooge in his dreams. Similar to the archetypes in Carl Jung’s analysis, the ghosts help Scrooge to reawaken his kind heart. When Scrooge wakes up, he realizes that he must change and/or correct his wrongdoings; so that he can move forward with his life.

This story may be fictional, but do you think it is possible for people to change with the power of their dreams? 🙂 

I believe that dreams are personal experiences that reflect deeper meanings and may be interpreted in many different ways. I also feel that they are generated from an individual’s imagination and creativity.

What are your thoughts on dreams? Have you ever evaluated the ‘meanings’ of your dreams?  

– A.P


2 thoughts on “Dreamin’

  1. I have an interesting youtube program I enjoy, and they have an episode related to dreams.

    They present an interesting concept that dreams are a by-product of work being done by our brains on an unconscious level.
    This doesn’t discount the possibility of there being meaning or value to dream interpretation, but perhaps it would point to different meanings.

  2. I enjoyed they video, I love his point about how we know so much about our world and the universe, but they still have no idea what dreams really are…
    I don’t really believe dreams have much meaning, most of mine don’t make any sense, I always believed the theory that the brain is just processing everything you thought about that day, if you are stressed, then the dream will have components that will replay that stress such as a nightmare, and if you are happy then the dream will be created in a lighter mood.

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