According to Lévi-Strauss, there are many contradictions in the world. As people live their lives, they will be exposed to opposing views and/or concepts; that require mediation. For example, the concept of ‘nature’ is recognized for its complexity and spontaneity (i.e. without any organization), while ‘culture’ is associated to a variety of characteristics that are analogous to its particular society (i.e. traditions, customs).    

Lévi-Strauss created a theory to organize these concepts; in order to determine their linkages. He believed that the main function of myths were to identify their contradictory components; with the aim to explain and/or unravel the elements within the stories.

So… how would you define nature and culture? What constitutes their relationship in myth?

I find that nature typifies individuality, while culture represents specific social frames.

Regardless, I find the separation between these two concepts to be very interesting! 🙂

– A.P


One thought on “Nature vs. Culture

  1. From the day we are born we are thrust into culture if we want to or not. Levi Strauss analysis is interesting because it seems to make you more aware of society and how the culture we live in affects our thoughts and our stories

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