Chapter 30 made me think about the kinds of foods I eat and the combinations.

I grew up in a French Canadian household, therefore my typical meals consisted of a protein, a starch and vegetables. The food was simple, but hearty.

I asked my grandmother about what she ate growing up to gain some insights. My grandmother grew up on the east coast, along with 13 siblings. I asked her what kind of food was made to feed 15 mouths every night!? She replied lots of potatoes, vegetables from the garden, and meat from animals (cows, chickens…) which they kept. What she ate made sense given her surroundings and her family’s financial situation. So when she fed her own family, she cooked the same food she grew up with.

I realize that now as I cook, I follow the same pattern. In my opinion, a meal is incomplete without a starch, and I’ve always complained (to the annoyance of my mother) that when there are no potatoes for dinner, I just don’t feel full! I do like to try different foods but thinking about these things, I realize that even when I eat food I did not grow up eating, I still stick to the same pattern, for example if I make a stir fry, I always have it with rice, vegetables and a protein (chicken or beef).

I also found this chapter interesting for its interpretation of drinks vs. food. I agree that there are differences between each and that you can drink with people that you might not necessarily share a meal. When I read this, something else came to mind. At a Catholic church everyone eats the bread (body of Christ) but not everyone (those of age) drinks the wine. I think this goes along with the distinction between drinks and food.


One thought on “Chapter 30

  1. Well reading this chapter I felt that my eating patterns would at times follow the meat, vegetable(side) and starch pattern, but this depended on the situation at hand. I too believe that the traditional pattern of eating shown in this chapter would have been more present in our grandparents and parents lives. MY grandparents still to this day follow the pattern of having a “full” meal. With time though my parents have become more lenient when making meals, as its hard to realistically have a “full meal” every night. Now that I am living on my own, I find i make a full meal less and less. My meals are satisfying, just they do not follow the criteria in the chapter. This may be because today’s society has changed so much since my grandparents, where full meals are not expected as much from people. I believe that this “Full meal” is still used in many households, but its not realistic to expect it every night. Many families do not have the time or money to do this, but do make sure to have this type of meal every once in a while.

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