After reading the chapter on Grimms Household Tales for my presentation, I found the connection between the fairy tales and myths very interesting. Not only are both of these types of stories reflective of the society they were written in, the newer stories of Grimm still show characteristics that were similar to the structure of the myths. Old myths are reflective of the way they had been orally transmitted for such a long time. Because of this, the versions we have written down often have repetition within them. This characteristic has also interestingly shown up within the Grimm Fairy tales. I find this particularly interesting because of how recent the fairy tales had been made. They also incorporate set phrases and involve the idea using the repetition often three times. 

Furthermore, I find it interesting to see what the stories tell you about the society they belong to. While it is difficult to have a complete understanding of the ancient societies that several myths come from, a lot more information has been retained about more recent societies. From this we can get a better all encompassing and complex understanding of what is being depicted within recent stories. By having information about the society to place the tales within a proper context, we can then use the fairy tales as important devices for seeing what was the more prominent social tensions of the time. 

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