It is interesting that Jung, a man well known in psychology, can use the same aspects for interpreting dreams as myths. The only pet peeve i have seem to come across is the idea that it is very narrow when placing characters, or objects etc into particular archetypes. I find it hard that there are only a few particular archetypes that can be used, and a lot of the time, most of them do not fit. 

so the question should be, should Jung’s analysis stay only for dreams? and not be applied for other stories?


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  1. On Jung’s psychology, his personality testing is interesting when considered in parallel to his notion of fitting aspects of a narrative into archetypes. For those unfamiliar, Jung establishes 16 different personality types on the basis of our cognitive functioning. These 16 types are, for him, the basis of our differing personality types. Contrasting this with his mythological analysis, it’s easy to see how Jung operates and interprets things.

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