I think that it is interesting that Jung uses the same theory for both dreams and myths, and that he believes they are connected. I really like applying the Jung theory to myths and I believe that it is an excellent way to look at myths and stories. It has definitely made me rethink several of my favorite novels and the different meanings within them.

However, I think this theory works better for myths then dreams, for I have a hard time applying it to any dream I have had. I don’t know if I just have weird dreams compared to other people, but for the dreams that I remember, they are usually not developed enough or complex enough to create archetypical figures. And they are not complex enough to apply animus, shadows and sometimes even self. Perhaps I just don’t fully understand the work of Jung, and don’t know how to apply the theory to a dream, but it just doesn’t seem to work to well for me.


2 thoughts on “Jung’s Dream Theory

  1. I agree completely with you. While looking at the Jung theory and see the textbook and even the class apply it to many stories, movies, and myths, I too believe it is easier to do so than an actual dream. While applying this theory to myth and movies we have seen it amazed me to see what archetypes where present within the story. Also I really had to analyze the deeper meaning of the myth or movie to apply archetypes to it, which allowed for me to have a deeper understanding. Most of the time for me I do not remember my dreams and when I do they usually hold no important meaning to me. I find it hard to apply this theory to dreams but that may be because I am the dreamer. Maybe we have a hard time applying Jung’s analysis to our dreams because we are the dreamers and we need an onlooker, or in some cases a professional to look into our dreams to get a deeper meaning. For now I will stay with the opinion that my dreams are not complex and do not hold a deeper meaning.

  2. I think both dreams and myth appeal to a primitive, subconscious aspect of human beings. Both touch upon our “humanity” so to speak. This is all completely speculative and scientifically baseless however. However, the relationship between the two isn’t that farfetched: myth roots us in our past beliefs and connects us with our predecessors; our dreams root us in our subconscious (?) and ourselves. They are the product of ourselves after all, even if involuntarily so.

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