I enjoyed the myth of the Yellow woman and in the story told in our text took place in a modern setting but the structure of the tale itself is ancient. It is interesting that the myth can take place in both in the past and present. It is a different way of thinking than we are used to with Western thinking. It allow more of a personal interaction with the mythical figures and gods which I think is very important to Native American traditions and the circular way that time occurs. Which is why wise elders are considered closer to the spirit world than a middle aged one, also young children are thought to be closer to it as well. It just is a different way to view your loved ones and ancestors watching over you like Western faiths tend to view a heaven like place for the dead to watch over their loved ones but they can not interact with them. In this faith style the ancestors can aid and guide their descendants with their life paths.  


When we were told that the woman in the story is the yellow woman from the past and also in the present it made be question if she would be considered a reincarnation of her or just her taking on new forms? 


One thought on “The Yellow woman myth

  1. The way I understood the myth the Yellow Women from the story could have been a reincarnation, but with the whole time is a cycle and all things are happening at the same time, she could have been the exact same person. It doesn’t make too much sense but time paradoxes are eternally confusing. It’s kinda the same context as the Harry Potter Movie, the Prisoner of Azkaban. When Harry and Hermione go back in time to save Buckbeak. Before they go back in time and they are standing in the Hut something hits Harry, and it tells them that the Ministry is coming. Later they realize it was themselves that threw the rock. Meaning that they had already gone back, and then they go back. It creates a very complex never ending cycle. It ends up becoming a, which came first chicken or the egg question.
    This applied to the Yellow Women, you don’t need the time turner because their view of time already kinda works like that. Therefore she could possibly be the women from the myth AND the girl from the story at the same time.
    This was just my interpretation of the text, not sure if it was anything like the author was going for.

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