Having learned multiple ways of analyzing mythology it is possible to see how the different theories are similar. In order to analyze myth, there is a general need to first break the myth down into different sections based upon when events of importance occurred. These break downs are not typically divided equally within the myth. Furthermore, while there are numerous aspects to each theory, these sections do not normally completely follow the theories. While a myth may mostly follow the format, there is normally some aspects which are not included within the story.

It is also interesting to notice how some theories work better for some myths then they do for others; there is no one theory that is all encompassing and works all of the time. This means that using multiple theories will provided a better and more complex understanding of the myth. When analysing the myths, it is also important to try and get an all-encompassing understanding of society it is from in order to understand the myth within the proper context. By understanding the culture, it is possible to better understand what is being depicted within the myth.