While working on my group project, I found it very fascinating how theories of mythology can be applied to modern society. By reading and understanding the theory of Victor Turner it was interesting to learn how many different modern day ‘rituals’  we participate in without noticing. While some rituals such as marriage are obvious liminal rituals, there are less obvious liminoid rituals also present. Since these rituals are based more on leisure and enjoyment, something as simple as going out to a bar and having a drink counts as a liminoid ritual.

There are also cyclic rituals which we would participate in without realizing that they are also considered to be ritual in nature. At the moment, society is in a period of shopping and preparing for the holiday season. This ‘cyclic’ ritual also incorporates a variety of symbols such as Christmas trees, candy canes and wreaths. While these are not important to all cultures, they can be seen as important symbols to some people participating in the cyclic ritual of Christmas. 


One thought on “Forest of Modern Symbols

  1. I completely agree! It’s funny how the simplest things (like shopping for Christmas) can be considered a ritual. I like how some rituals, also known as the contingent rituals, involve the typical rite of passage. The simplest thing, like you have mentioned, like marriage is a very common ritual. Even a human’s birth and death can be seen as ritual, and that’s one of the main fundamental parts about being human! I like that Turner has created a ‘ritual of reversal’. This is when we partake in something that does not change our status or in the nature of society. Such things can include Halloween and Easter.

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