Looking at chapter 42 there are a number of features that are mentioned that I find erroneous, Dumbledore as the idealized father for one.  In the books we have knowledge that he is leaving Harry to the Dursley’s where he will suffer for the first eleven years of his life.  Secondly, he manipulates him into adventures (Philosophers Stone).   Lastly does anybody else notice the Freudian complex Harry seems to display?  He goes after Ginny, and based on what we have read she is very similar in appearance and ideology to his dead mother.  Thoughts?


One thought on “HARRY POTTER

  1. I completely agree! I have never thought about it before until now. Ginny indeed looks like his mother and it is evident when Harry is looking into the mirror of erased that what he wants most is the relationship with his parents. Ginny could very well be a surrogate for his death mother. I also completely agree on Dumbledore being idealized. It is not so clear within the first movie/book, but as the series continues, Harry is shocked several times to learn that Dumbledore is not the perfect person he thought he was; perhaps because Dumbledore is a father figure to him. If he imagined Dumbledore to be a regular character than these reveals wouldn’t take such a devastating blow on Harry. Perhaps there are other idealized characters??

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