I find it interesting when reading up on the description of Joseph Campbell’s view on a hero.

The reason it stood out is his aspects he points out of what a heroes aspects are. He states that through their journey they will encounter villains, other heroes, and temptresses. Also the possibility of magical temptresses being restored.

When observing any book or any movie, this kind of notion seems to put anyone as a hero in some form because, most characters will all undergo some kind of experience that falls in these categories.

For an example, a common movie and book series being Harry Potter (one that everybody would recognize but has been used a lot in these posts, I know), and two uncommon or not immediately thought of characters, Fred and George. When you consider the hero in this series the thoughts strike up to those that take up most of the movies or books. As few times that these two show up examples like them flying with Harry and others, all disguised as him, and risking their life to save the magical world. Small act of character when watching or reading, but still can be recognized as a heroic act.


2 thoughts on “Anyone Can Be A “Hero”

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  2. The heroic journey is designed to be applicable to many different characters.
    Anyone with enough information and involvement in the plot can be examined with this theory. As my partner and I discovered, even the villain of a story can fit into the ‘heroic’ journey.

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