Female were not always written about as highly as they are today.  As seeing from the beginning of the term the female character shared a very different role within myths and tales. Woman in earlier history were typically seen as “evil” and the main reason for human suffering. It is clear that women were seen to be inferior to men. This can be shown within the hero’s journey. The theory itself states that the hero (or main character) is typically seen as a male figure while the female figures were dedicated towards the “temptress”. The idea and role of women has change significantly. We are starting to see stronger female figures within our society which is clearly being reflected within current writings. Women are no longer seen as inferior or even the typical damsel in distress (though I’m sure some people will not see it this way). It is interesting to see the progress that women have made throughout the years. This seems to lead me to some questions about the theories learnt in class. Since the role of women within society and current writing has increased significantly should the male oriented theories change as well? Or should these theories remain the same because they are typically used to look at older myths and tales? But as time and culture change, shouldn’t the old (or outdated) ways of thinking change as well?